Frontiers have never been a limitation to our vision. We are constantly exploring the potential of international markets with dynamic and aggressive marketing strategies. The participation of BRAWN in various international pharma exhibitions has enabled us enabling us to penetrate into areas far and near. We are proud of claiming to hold Product Registrations in many countries and the work is still in progress in some of the countries.

The company has grown several folds in the last decade, every time adding newer credentials. BRAWN has participated in MEDI PHARM EXPO 2005 in HANOI , VIETNAM from 17 – 20 May 2005. and also successfully participated in FIME 2006 at Miami Beach-Florida , USA from 16 – 18 August 2006. Recently we participated in Indo-African Meet held at India Habitat Centre, Delhi and got very good response.

Our strategic alliances extend to reputed companies in Europe- Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, UK and Ireland, in the African continent – Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Angola, Mozambique and Niger, within Latin American region for Venezuela, Chile, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Peru and Costa Rica and in Asia for SriLanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Gulf countries. The company is proud to announce the recent opening of its offices in South East Asia and in South America. With the span of time, the company has established a considerable goodwill in the export market.

Under our expansion plans very soon we propose to penetrate into the markets of South Africa, Mexico, Namibia and other South East Asian countries. In our never ending search for newer markets we are into exploration of marketing agreements with the government, NGOs and private markets in the Asian and Latin countries.