Alcohol can be a symbol of celebration or sadness or rejection, But the alcohol which people drink in joy or sadness can be very harmful to our liver and have been ignoring this fact. Do we know the exact mechanism of alcohol in our body? the more alcohol we consume & the more harm happens in our liver. Because the liver can take only small processes of alcohol per drink. It can be a slow progression disease like cirrhosis.

We listen about heart health, Kidney health, Skin health, etc.

but have we ever wondered that we least care about our liver health. we eat lots of varied diet for heart or skin health but What best we are eating & drinking for our liver health? I think our answer will be the “NO”.


After knowing the fact that alcoholism can cause harm to our liver especially heavy drinkers, we still least cared about the facts and “Heavy drinkers are more prone to liver diseases like cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis, liver failure and liver cancer.” If you’re not aware of heavy drinking then let’s know the meaning behind heavy drinking that heavy drinking is consuming eight drinks or more than per week for women, and 15 or more for men. Even a single binge-drinking can result in significant liver impairment, damage, or death.


Alcohol affects the liver in many ways to our liver and liver functions start desecrating. It takes approximately an hour to process one alcoholic beverage. The time frame increases with each drink. The higher someone’s blood alcohol content, the longer it takes to process the alcohol. “The liver processes 90% of alcohol and rest excreted by the body in form of urine and sweat”. When someone has too much drink then most unprocessed drink starts circulating in the blood and damage the heart & brain.

“Between 15% to 30% of heavy drinkers are diagnosed with cirrhosis each year, but the majority of those with this disease survive if they seek treatment for their addiction”

TOI, Apr 17, 2017

The role of nutritional therapy in alcoholism always proves beneficial and here silymarin & lecithin is most used in liver disorders for liver detoxification. There are various studies on lecithin & silymarin for proven beneficial treatment in liver disorders. They are composed of various antioxidants that work faster in the regeneration of hepatic cells and give a ray of hope in alcoholic patients.

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